Object-Oriented Programming in C++

My CIS 235 C++ Notes

Inserts pause to console programs in Dev-C++ compiler:
#include <stdlib.h>
int main()
return 0;

Page References
variable type summary p54

remainder operator p61

library functions p65 for loop p78
while loop p86 do loopp91 if statement p94 if else p98
getche() p100 else if p106 switch p107 break p109 (switch) p119 (loop)
conditional operator p112 logical AND operator p115 logical OR operator p116 logical NOT operator p117
precedence summary p118 structures p132 enumerations p148 enumerator examples p155
functions p165 pass by value p171 pass by reference p182 overloaded functions p188
inline functions p195 default arguments p197 scope & storage class p199 class syntax p220
constructors p227 destructors p232 copy constructor p239