Our entire family and all our neighbors really like the playset and "pit".

Below are some pictures of our CedarWorks playset from different views. The pictures are thumbnails so click on image to get a higher resolution version.

We decided to go with CedarWorks and placed our custom designed playset order. Next we began to plan where to put playset and decided to build a playset area that complimented our high quality CedarWorks playset. After approximately five weeks of hard work, 24 tons of AB3 gravel, 18 tons drainage gravel, 15 tons of Versa-Lok retaining wall blocks, and a whopping 39 tons of pea sized gravel {it is ~12 inches deep} I finally got to assemble the playset. What a joy and experience it was to assemble our playset and build a "pit"! I have to admit that this whole project looked smaller on paper...

I have a few extra pieces after following the installation directions. Please review these pictures and let me know if there is anything missing or installed incorrectly. Thanks!

playset_thumb (315K)
playset1_thumb (296K)
playset2_thumb (257K)
playset3_thumb (303K)
playset4_thumb (343K)
playset5_thumb (298K)
playset6_thumb (313K)
playset7_thumb (317K)
playset8_thumb (308K)
playset9_thumb (302K)
playset10_thumb (298K)

Quality control feedback (click to view high resolution version)

platform_with_shavings_thumbnail (137K)

I had some feedback on the directions. Are you interested?

Retaining Wall by house project

Coming soon...

Patio project

We went with Interlocking Concrete Pavers as the look and feel more closely matched our playset and "pit" than alternatives.

Coming soon...